Nota Bene Communications (NBC) is a goal-orientated creative communications agency. Founded in 1998 as a digital agency and evolved to a fully integrated communications agency with Social Media as one of favourite playgrounds.

Nota Bene Communications (NBC) provides creative and consultation services to fill the void between the goliath ad agencies and small graphic & web design firms with limited knowledge and experience in result-oriented marketing and branding strategies. It provides seamless solutions: from requirement gathering, development to execution. We are nursemaids to new brands and wardens of established brands.

(A) Core Strengths:

  • Creative ideas and concepts
  • Start-to-end solutions for web & print
  • Comprehensive client servicing
  • Event management

(B) In-house Production Capabilities:

  • Development of web-related solutions
  • Studio work for art and design
  • Pre-press production for print

NBC has a proven process that has been built and refined. Unlike some agencies, NBC’s approach to each project stems from our clients’ objectives. We combine our client’s, their client’s and our unbiased outsider’s perspectives to form an effective communications and brand strategy.

This process results in what we call a BrandPrint that gives everyone a clear and undisputed foundation from which to design, develop and implement all forms of communication material. This is especially true in the world of Social Media where things are always in flux… always in motion.

High-profile clients in the past and present include: Agilent, AkzoNobel, Boeing, EZ-Link, Datamini, DHL, Fiat, IBM, IDA, KFC, MCYS, Nokia, NTUC, OSRAM, Samsung, Sea Horse, SingPost, ST Group, and Verizon.

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